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Things will change Empty Things will change

Post  Uby on 15/5/2009, 16:21

Since so many people leave guild recently with the pretext that "Made in Havoc" guild don't PVE at all i think i should open my thought.
First thing i don't have time to make PVE raid (also i don't like PVE and most anyoing thing is to hear in a 25 ppl raid "why u give item to that guy?i deserve it" blah blah .... i beggin to hate PVE from Hav0c and i will never like it again for me is too much time lost and sometime after 5 houres raid u get nothing.
I try to talk with some people from guild , i wanted to give Guild Master function to them, maybe they would rule this guild more better that me , but none wanted .
So i want to make 1 thing clear : THIS IS PVP GUILD ( NO PVE ) , DON'T LIKE IT FEEL FREE TO LEAVE !
Ok all been spoken i will open recruitments again , only PVPers
And now since only 1 officer left in guild i need sujestions for 2 more

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