Karazhan Raid.

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Karazhan Raid. Empty Karazhan Raid.

Post  lalanub on 5/4/2009, 08:35

Our guild is trying to do a succesful kara raid. if we want to kill some bosses there, evryone shuld do this thing's...

1.Get Exelted Rep with Fractions

*Aldor - http://www.wowhead.com/?faction=932 or
Scryers - http://www.wowhead.com/?faction=934
-Epix, Shoulder Enchant's for evry class, Proff's Patterns

*Thrallmar - http://www.wowhead.com/?faction=947
-Epix, Head Enchant for Healers, Proff's Patterns

*Cenarion Expedition - http://www.wowhead.com/?faction=942
-Items, Head Enchant for Melee,and Hunters, Proff's Patterns

*Lower City - http://www.wowhead.com/?faction=1011
-Epix, head enchant for ench shamies, ret palies, feral druid's, Proff Patterns

*Sha'tar - http://www.wowhead.com/?faction=935
-Epix, head enchant for spell dps, proff Patterns

*Keepers of Time - http://www.wowhead.com/?faction=989
-Epix, Head Enchant For Tanks, Proff Patterns

2. all your epic gear shuld be enchanted, so if you get epic item ask any enchanter in guild/also weapon Term enchant's like wizzard oil/briliant oil etc.

3. Evryone shuld have potions and Battle/Gurdian Elixirs or flask. Alchemist's Will Have Work to do.

4. Make Items from Proffesions[Pattern's droped or bought from fraction]

5. Food from Cooking, for healers, spell/physical dps, tanks

6. Also evryone shuld put gems in thier item's... Green/Blue.... epic gems are not rly nessecary. They are for t6 intances and when you see thier cost on AH you feel like saying WTF?. altho if you would want them badly we can make BT trash raid's for[for now]... Epic Gems and Ashtongue Deathsworm Rep Wont hurt[one of coolest trinkiets in Game]

7. and mainly... EVRYONE SHULD HAVE SET UP PVE TALENTS... gold on alpha is x3 so respec shudnt be rly a big problem.

8. And at end smth only for dps, and tank's. Evry dps Gotta GET HIT CAP. you get hit cap when your chance to miss[melee] or ressist[spell].. is 1%... Melee/Hunters with 0 rating have 7% chance to miss to evry atack. Caster's have 15%. why go for hit rating insted of +%crit/+dmg... bcuz There's no Point of Zerging biggest Dmg or Crit when you miss/ressist. Think if You Miss/Ressit you lose Energy/Rage/Mana and most of all you lose DPS. Seriously Hit Rating is one of most important Stat for DPSer in PvE/PvP sadly often ignored by ppl who never heard about how it works and why it exist.

if most of these point's will be done[dont have to be all i think, but would be very good if they were]... we shuld be able to pwn kara get some t4 gear then move grull and maggy lair... and later t5->t6. and raid group shuld have +2 tanks +2 healers +5 dpsers.

wonder how much ppl will actualy read this, if not atleast half of the guild prolly we can forget about PvE.


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Karazhan Raid. Empty Re: Karazhan Raid.

Post  Uby on 5/4/2009, 09:09

good info nub ... pff now u tell that exist green / blue gems ? my s2 set cost me 4500 gold to get epic gems + all enchants on it

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